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Small seminar style classes.
(Max 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio)

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Scored in the 97th percentile or higher on standardized tests.

GMAT Courses (Canada)

Applying to business school can be a highly competitive enterprise. While GPA and work experience are key components of a solid application, a strong result on your GMAT can be a critical component for acceptance to a top tier business school.

Our GMAT course optimizes your performance on test day by helping you master the GMAT's computer-adaptive testing format as well as improving on any deficiencies you may have on your verbal and quantitivate skills.

Our Instructors

The quality of our instructors is the reason why Ivy Global provides premier GMAT courses. We've carefully chosen only the best instructors who scored in the 97th percentile or higher on standardized tests. Our tutors and instructors are experts who effectively impart their knowledge to their students. Meet some of our featured instructors:

John A .
New York University Law School
Georgetown University

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Graeme B.
McGill University, Faculty of Law
Mount Allison University

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GMAT Courses

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Ivy Global Advantage

Ivy Global Other GMAT Prep Programs
Small Classes
Small classes tailored to the unique needs of individual students..
Large Classes
Ignores individual strengths and weaknesses. Teaches to the book, not the student.
High Caliber Instructors
Handpicked, exceptional teachers with an engaging teaching style and a GMAT score in the top 1%.
Variable teacher quality
Weak and indifferent instructors hired through an undiscerning and unreliable process.
Carefully-selected instructional tools
Limited materials
Ineffective breadth and depth of information taken from a single source.

Small Class Sizes

Ivy Global classes are no larger than 10 students, thus ensuring every student benefit from attention and interaction with the instructor. In this low student-to-instructor ratio setting, our teachers routinely engage with students to provide tailored lessons suitable for each individual’s abilities and needs. Space for classes is reserved on first-come, first-serve basis.

Course Outline

Our GMAT prep courses are designed to help students do their best on the GMAT. Our courses cover all of the core material with additional GMAT strategy components, including:

  • Strategy 1: Analytical Writing Assessment
    • Develop techniques to tackle essay writing sections
    • Learn how to effectively communicate ideas concisely and within the 30 minute time limit.
  • Strategy 2: Quantitative Section
    • Simplify mathematical calculations in question stems and answer choices
    • Arithmetic, basic algebra and elementary geometry review
    • Techniques used for solving data sufficiency problems unique to the GMAT
  • Strategy 3: Verbal Section
    • Review and reinforcement of test taker's knowledge of American English grammar usage and style.
    • Sentence Correction strategies
    • Understanding ways to deduce arguments from both sides
    • Breaking down reading passages for precise meaning

The course will focus on proven test-taking strategies including learning the best methods and strategies for each problem type, working efficiently under timed conditions and developing an overall personal study strategy. In addition, our instructors have been interviewed at top schools in North America and can provide their firsthand knowledge of the admissions process. We work with you to build a student profile in order to determine what your GMAT goals should be in order to get into your target schools.

Course Features

Our GMAT prep courses are designed to help students maximize their scores on the GMAT through a variety of methods. At Ivy Global, we provide for our students all the necessary components to perform well:

  • Develop Study Schedule: Help students breakdown test preparations into a 1-, 2-, or 3-month studying schedule
  • Diagnostic Tests: Offer full diagnostic tests and multiple proctored practices to simulate the intense GMAT environment
  • Feedback: Give detailed score-reporting and feedback provided by the instructor to improve a student’s test performance
  • Interactive Lessons: Teach interactively to engage students, polish critical thinking skills and reinforce concepts
  • Develop Strategies: Train effective test-taking strategies for analyzing passages, incorporating new information, and answering multiple choice questions
  • Customized Material: Customize lectures according to the individual needs of each student
  • Writing Sample Review: Guarantee on-demand essay feedback from instructor to improve written communication skills for the GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment.
  • Accountability: Motivate students to keep the pace, maintain the emotional energy, and develop the stamina for the lengthy test

Classroom Material

All registrants of our GMAT classes will be provided with the following course material which is already included in the course fee. Each of our courses is carefully designed and makes use of all of the best instructional and practice materials available on the market, rather than being limited to a single proprietary source. We believe that real practice tests, published by the Graduate Management Admission Council, should form the basis of any study effort for the GMAT.

The Official Guide for GMAT Review

The only book written by the creators of the GMAT exam, contains more than 800 practice questions with answers.

It also contains a new diagnostic section that helps determine which skills require improvement. Comprehensive math and grammar reviews.

The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, 2nd Edition

The only official verbal review for the GMAT from the creators of the test. This book helps you improve your verbal skills by focusing on your ability to read and comprehend written material, to reason and evaluate arguments, and to correct written material to conform to standard English.

The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition

The only official quantitative review for the GMAT from the creators of the test. This book helps you improve your quantitative skills by focusing on your ability to solve equations, interpret data, coordinate geometry, and determine probability with assurance and ease.


Class Descriptions

GMAT Regular Course (24 Hours)

This is a rigorous, thorough course that familiarizes students with each of the core sections of the GMAT including the analystical writing assessment, quantitative section and verbal section. Effective strategies are taught that will aid in tackling various problem solving and data sufficiency questions. Students are given many exercises and actual, previously administered tests to practice their new skills and strategies. Daily priming exercises and practice questions are given, with flexible options provided to students with more stringent schedules. Class size is typically 5-10 students.

GMAT Crash Course (12 Hours)

Class sizes are typically 5-10 students, with a maximum student-to-teacher ratio of 10. Larger classes are staffed with an additional instructor.

Instructor Profiles

John A.
New York University Law School
Georgetown University

John completed his undergraduate studies at Georgetown University and law school at the New York University School of Law. He has scored in the 99th percentile for the LSAT (176), GMAT (760) and SAT. He has two years professional experience teaching the LSAT and loves helping students prepare for it.

While in New York, he practiced as an attorney for Morgan, Lewis and Bockius, where he did mergers and acquisitions. John was accepted to the MIT Sloan School of Management, however he has chosen to pursue his MBA at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management and will begin his studies this fall.

Graeme B.
McGill University, Faculty of Law
Mount Allison University

Graeme was a law student at the University of Toronto and then transferred to McGill University's Faculty of Law. He graduated from Mount Allison University in International Relations with First Class Honours and was on the Dean's List.

He scored in the 98th percentile on the GMAT and 99th percentile on the LSAT (177) and SAT (1560). A gifted test taker, he enjoys helping students learn the methodologies and strategies necessary to improve their scores. He also has teaching experience as an English teacher in France and as a teaching assistant during his undergraduate years. He is fluent in French and Spanish, and enjoys squash, running and cycling.

Huan X.
U of T, Rotman School of Management
University of Toronto

Huan completed his Bachelor's of Business Administration at the University of Toronto and is currently pursuing an MBA at the Rotman School of Management. He has consistently outperformed academically with placements on the Dean's Honour Roll and Dean's Honour List during his undergraduate and graduate studies respectively. He also obtained his Chartered Accountant designation while working as an auditor in Toronto.

Huan obtained a GMAT score of 740 while preparing for his application to the Rotman School of Management. He has a passion for teaching and helping students to maximize their potential. In addition to teaching the GMAT, he is involved with TA work for several undergraduate and graduate classes at the University of Toronto.

Registration and Cancellation Policy

Full payment must be received within 5 business days of your online registration. We accept credit card payment online or over the phone with a Visa or Mastercard. We also accept cheque payable to "Ivy Global".

We do offer partial refunds for cancellations made at least 1 week prior to the start of classes.

  • 75% of amount will be refunded for cancellations made at least 1 month before official class start date.
  • 50% of amount will be refunded for cancellations made less than a month before and at least a week in advance of official class start date.
  • There is no refund for cancellations made within 1 week of the official class start date.
  • A student may transfer their registration to another class with at least 1 week notice.

For refunds involving any of our services, a 5% administration fee will be applied.


Class Cancellation

On rare occasions we need to cancel a course, either because of unpredictable circumstances such as an instructor having an emergency personal situation or a course location becoming unavailable in the last minute. We run classes even with low registration numbers. Less than 2% of our scheduled classes are cancelled. Students will be notified immediately in the event that this happens and can withdraw from the course with a full refund, enroll in another course that has space available, or enroll in private tutoring.


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