Ivy Global Junior is an English and Math enrichment program for children in grades 3 to 7. Our program is taught in a high-tech classroom by highly qualified instructors hand-picked from top universities. We tailor our program to the individual learning needs of our students and provide parents with continual feedback.

Ivy Global Juniorís English Enrichment program offers children the unique opportunity to discuss, write about, and read a variety of English texts in small classes that offer an encouraging environment. Through class discussion led by hand-picked instructors, students learn fundamental reading and writing strategies. Instructors help improve studentsí grammar skills through in-class workshops and regularly assess their progress on a weekly basis. Additionally, students improve their vocabularies organically, through carefully assessed independent and in-class reading assignments.

We use a variety of material which affords students at all reading levels the chance actively to participate and benefit from the program. Ivy Global Junior instructors provide individualized enrichment to each child. Parents receive regular reports on their childís progress.

Strong readers become strong learners. Literacy is a life-long pursuit. Ivy Global Junior helps students build a strong foundation in English by linking the reading and writing processes meaningfully. Students who enjoy language know how to harness the power of the written and spoken word to explore, understand, and evaluate the world around them. As a result, students who are strong writers and readers experience greater academic achievement.

The Ivy Global Junior Math Program not only reviews essential mathematical concepts, but also encourages students to develop creative problem solving skills. Qualified instructors lead small classes through essential mathematical concepts, while also making time for enrichment activities and individualized help. Students are not just taught how to solve mathematical problems, but how to evaluate them and reason through a variety of problem-solving strategies.

Ivy Global Junior assesses the needs of each child and instructors tailor their lessons to ensure that each student benefits from the program. Every week parents receive a report evaluating their childís progress through the program.