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Recommended LSAT Books

We've put together a list of LSAT books that are out there on the market. This list should keep even the most voracious of LSAT test takers busy. Any good program should center around the use of the Official LSAT SuperPrep by the Law School Admission Council, which is the gold standard of LSAT prep books and something Ivy Global provides and references in all our LSAT courses.


Official LSAT: SuperPrep by LSAC

"This book has some of the most cogent/coherent explanations and general overview of question types that LSAC has ever produced. The explanations are top quality and the overview is good." M. Pierce   FULL REVIEW

"With that said, I found the 15 pages of How to take the Reading Comprehension section to be quite helpful. It was useful to see how the LSAT writers view the section and the proper way to attack it." AW   FULL REVIEW

Grade: A

Official LSAT: 10 Actual PrepTests by LSAC

"I can't emphasize enough how important it is to study from REAL LSAT questions, which are exactly what this book provides. I recommend this book to all of my students." S. Schwartz   FULL REVIEW

"There are definitely better books for understanding how to take the LSAT, but this book is a great follow-up because it lets you get a feel for a lot of different types of questions, as well as timed practice for the real test."

Grade: A+

Kaplan LSAT 2014: Strategies, Practice & Review

"One of the biggest problems, however, is that Kaplan reuses much of the advice in this book in its GMAT and GRE books as well. I searched Google Books with several phrases from this book and found search results in over a dozen Kaplan GMAT and GRE books, not just in older editions of its LSAT books, which would be more excusable." S. Schwartz   FULL REVIEW

Grade: C-

Cracking the LSAT, 2013 Edition

"I like this book so far but I dont feel as if it totally prepares me for the LSAT. I will probably by another book as a supplement." R. Anderson   FULL REVIEW

Grade: B

LSAT Logic Games Workout by Princeton Review

"I've found so many errors on these tests, I have no faith in the book anymore. It's just stressful to try to use it, especially if I'm trying to time myself. " C. Lussier   FULL REVIEW

"The LSAT is a difficult test, and the preparation for it can often be frustrating. As such, you don't need added frustration from a poorly edited book. The previous reviewer noted how the answer explanations can often be confusing, so I don't feel that I need to go into that particular characteristic of this book." M. Becker   FULL REVIEW

Grade: D-

McGraw-Hill's LSAT, 2012 Edition

"The tests in this book are not legitimate LSATs and it shows. Quite frequently the "correct" answers are not flawlessly accurate or indisputable; the subject matter of many of the passages is laughable (alien invasion anyone?). The diagramming recommendations are far too complicated to actually be useful." Seashell   FULL REVIEW

"That being said, the information in the book seems to be sound, as far as tips and hints to use when taking the LSAT, it's just that the writers of the book cannot answer their own questions correctly which means you cannot easily get an accurate LSAT score from taking the tests in the book. I used their tips and strategies to find the errors in the book." ET Craig   FULL REVIEW

Grade: C-

LSAT Logic Games for Dummies

"This book is a great introduction to the techniques required to crack the logic games section of the LSAT. It's extremely well-organized, user-friendly, and enjoyable to work through." D. Dorius   FULL REVIEW

"The text really fleshed out how to handle sequencing; especially helpful so far has been the sequencing trees. Definitely, I recommend this text." ED Hammon Jr.   FULL REVIEW

Grade: B+

LSAT for Dummies

"In short, it's a good book to flip through when you're feeling overwhelmed by study material or having a panic attack, but should only be used as some light reading to supplement your study routine." K. Eaglestone   FULL REVIEW

"The sample questions turned out to be very similar to the ones on the actual test, so there were no surprises there. Yes, there are a couple of misprints, which I hope the Dummies will fix before printing more books (one star off for those)." L. Lector   FULL REVIEW

Grade: C

Barron's LSAT

"I have explored (bought or borrowed) almost every prep series out there on the market. I got to Barron's last and I must admit it was very disappointing. I have reviewed both the 12th and 13th editions and they are very similar so if you really love this series just buy one not both." Limeyle   FULL REVIEW

"The practice tests at the end of the book are laughable. The questions are full of spelling and grammatical errors and many questions have NO correct answer, in many cases as a direct result of these errors. Many of the questions are confusing and are of obviously lower quality than those on the two actual LSAT tests that are also included in the book." D. Horne   FULL REVIEW

Grade: C-

Master the LSAT by Jeff Kolby

"I was in despair over taking the LSAT after working through other two, but this one really worked." anon   FULL REVIEW

"Still, the authors do a great job of pointing out where the creators of the LSAT will attempt to trip you up through obfuscation, strange wording of conditions, etc." student    FULL REVIEW

Grade: A+

Mastering the LSAT by John Richardson

"This book was completely unhelpful. The author treats his readers like simpletons (ex telling the reader to go to the bathroom before arriving at the LSAT test centre)." anon   FULL REVIEW

"Please avoid this book! It is completely unhelpful." S. Petterson    FULL REVIEW

Grade: D

LSAT Exam Prep

"This book will give you a good intro in to studying for the LSAT, and it includes four practice tests. It is a good resource, but you will probably want to supplement your studies with additional resources. " D. Royce   FULL REVIEW

"I love the layout and organization of the book. The look and feel is similar to that of the real LSAT. The questions are well crafted and strategies are pretty helpful though some questions are easier than those on the LSAT." M. Chu   FULL REVIEW

Grade: B

The LSAT Advantage With Professor Dave

"If you have no clue what the LSAT is all about and need an introduction, this is the book for you. It helps to alleviate whatever fear or trepidation one may have of the exam. It makes it so that you know the LSAT is doable." G. Markakis   FULL REVIEW

"He simplifies each of the three exam parts with short insightful lectures, examples and exercises in such a clean, clear way that I came away with a distinctive mastery of the material: my timing improved, my scores increased, and my confidence grew significantly." R. Trizuto   FULL REVIEW

Grade: B+

LSAT -- The Best Test Preparation for the Law School Admission Test

"In comparison, this book offers you NOTHING. The practice tests are not in the same format as on the LSAT, the questions are often nothing like the ones you see on the real tests, and, as everyone who has reviewed it has said, there are basic editorial errors throughout." anon   FULL REVIEW

"This book is the most rediculious jive excuse for a test book I have ever seen. It is filled with typos and question and answer sections that appear to be totally non sequitur." I. Stanford   FULL REVIEW

Grade: D

LSAT Logic Games Bible: A Comprehensive System for Attacking the Logic Games Section of the LSAT

"Overall, I liked their format. Yes, they are wordy, but they are THOROUGH." A. Gill   FULL REVIEW

"This book was incredibly helpful and actually not as boring as I was prepared for. You'll see yourself making progress immediately and consistently and you'll find yourself in many "a-ha!" moments." Chris   FULL REVIEW

Grade: A

LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible: A Comprehensive System for Attacking the Logical Reasoning Section of the LSAT

" It breaks down each type of question and teaches you how to do them quickly. It takes some time to go through the book but it's totally worth it!" Kerri722   FULL REVIEW

"However, the confidence I got from working through the examples and the explanations to questions I didn't understand, along with the numerous tips for increasing speed, aided me infinitely more than just taking practice test after practice test." barrinmb   FULL REVIEW

Grade: A


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