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LSAT Test Day Checklist

Here is a list of things to remember on test day:

  • Eat breakfast! The LSAT takes many hours to write.
  • Bring a snack and a beverage for the breaks between sections.
  • Wear multiple layers, so that you can put on or take off clothing to adjust to the temperature of the testing room.
  • Be sure to bring your admission ticket, multiple sharpened HB or No. 2 wooden pencils, and an ANALOG watch to keep track of time. You can also bring a highlighter if you want to use it to highlight parts of passages, but pens and mechanical pencils are not permitted.
  • Although actual test-writing takes only three and a half hours, you will likely be at the test centre for much longer because of delays and breaks between sections.
  • LSAC is very, very strict with security and identification, in order to avoid cheating and people writing the LSAT for others. The following rules are strictly enforced:
    • You may not carry any electronic items with you, INCLUDING CELL PHONES AND DIGITAL WATCHES. Carrying an electronic item is grounds for disqualification.
    • You must place all the items you are carrying with you into a transparent Ziploc bag, no larger than 3.79 litres (one gallon). The following are the only items permitted: LSAT admission ticket, valid ID, keys, wallet, NONDIGITAL watch, medical or hygiene products, #2 or HB wooden pencils, pencil sharpener, highlighter, eraser, tissues, snack (for the break only), beverage (in juice box or plastic container, 591 mL maximum).


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