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Ivy Global holds informational seminars that provide an overview of the law school admissions process for Canadians.

We regretfully have no seminars on this subject planned at this time.

Our Seminars

Law School Seminar

Cost: Free

Download Seminar Guide (PDF)

Anyone interested in attending a law school in US or Canada should attend this seminar. We will provide an overview of the application process for both US and Canadian law schools, revealing the inside knowledge of what it takes to get into some of the best schools.

The application procedure for US law schools is often overwhelming, especially for Canadians unfamiliar with the process. We will cover all aspects of the admission process for law schools in Canada and the US, including university transcripts, letters of reference and personal statements. In this seminar, we will reveal the details that make or break an application.

The Law School Seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Pre-law requirements
  • How to choose a school
  • Admissions strategies
  • Break down of the application
  • LSAT
  • Personal statements
  • Letters of reference
  • Paying for law school


Logic Games Workshop (4 hrs)

The games section of the LSAT can be the most difficult section for many students. This half-day workshop simplifies this section by teaching Ivy Global’s unique 5-step Logical Games Method. Unlike other methods, we understand that many students struggle most with timing. Therefore, we’ve developed an approach to logic games that is not only (in our opinion) the most streamlined and efficient, but also yields the precise answer every time. Free for a limited time ($200 Value).


LSAT Simulated Test & Follow-Up

Cost: Free

Ivy Global offers a proctored, full-length LSAT exam (4-hour) for anybody interested in taking a practice test under simulated testing conditions. This practice test is an actual LSAT exam that was created by LSAC itself and administered in a previous year. We will provide all students with a detailed score report using the official scaling system. One of our experienced LSAT instructors will then follow-up with a free 2-hour session after a 30-minute break to discuss the material covered in each individual section.

The simulated exam will provide you with an opportunity to take a practice LSAT exam, become more familiar with the LSAT format, get a full score report and develop a roadmap of how to prepare for the LSAT.


How To Register

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