About Our Program

What are the class sizes?

Our DAT classes are no larger than 8 students, in order to ensure that every student receives sufficient individual from the instructor.

How is Ivy Global different than other schools?

Most schools provide instructors who do not possess the skills and experience necessary for effective DAT teaching. The teaching method at these schools is often generic and does not sufficiently recognize the unique needs of each student. Ivy Global prides itself on its uniquely tailored program and its top quality instructors.

Who are your DAT instructors?

We carefully choose instructors who combine outstanding performance on the DAT with a passion for teaching. Our instructors are experts in teaching the DAT.

Does the course cover material for the American DAT?

Whether or not you are taking the American DAT, Canadian DAT or both, the course curriculum has two additional modules that will encompass all the material for both the American and Canadian DAT.

Should I take an DAT class or private tutoring?

Both our DAT classes and our one-on-one private DAT tutoring will provide you with the knowledge and preparation you need to improve your performance on both the American and Canadian DAT. The classes are well suited for students who are new to the DAT and who want to learn about all aspects of the test. Private tutoring is well suited for students who learn more effectively in a one-on-one context, or who need to improve on only specific sections or question types on the DAT.

Will the student be taking practice exams during classes?

Yes. Our classes will provide practice sections from actual, previously administered DAT’s for students to practice their newly acquired skills and strategies. Our longer courses offer more practice exams.

Why Ivy Global?

Our instructors have all scored in at least the 99th percentile on a recently administered DAT. Their extensive knowledge of the DAT allows them to provide you with strategies that will give you an edge above the competition.

  • Experience - Our tutors have been admitted to top schools in both Canada and the United States and can provide their firsthand knowledge of the admissions process.
  • Strategy - We work with you to build a student profile in order to determine what your DAT goals should be in order to get into your target schools.
  • Analysis - We provide detailed analysis of your performance on specific question and game types to provide targeted instruction.
  • Personalization - Tutors have developed the program personally and are flexible in their approach with each class or individual.


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